Our Silesian University of Technology.
Together, let us join our efforts.

Marek Pawełczyk, Rector-Elect of the Silesian University of Technology.
Dear Members of the Community of Our University,

On 23 April 2024, I was elected the Rector of the Silesian University of Technology, winning 232 votes out of the 295 valid votes cast by the Electors. I would like to thank you immensely for the many words of encouragement and the nomination of my candidacy by the University Council and many Electors, followed by such tremendous support. I will have the honour of developing Our Silesian University of Technology together with you for the years to come.

I would like to offer our Community my dedication, creativity, diligence, experience, credibility and courage. I am aware of the responsibility for People who have associated an important part of Their lives with our University.

I declare that in all my actions I will be guided by concern for Our Silesian University of Technology - our common and Everyone's good, I will represent It with dignity, guard against any form of discrimination, inequality, mobbing and violation of ethical principles, and defend Its values and autonomy.

Thank You very much for Your confidence.

I realise that some solutions need to be improved.

I will have the courage to do so together with You, respecting the achievements to date.

IDUB, podsumowanie 2023

years of experience in leading the science and development pillar


years of experience in managing didactics and organising education


years of experience in managing international organisations


positions at national and international level taken up as a result of the elections, enriching the experience

Thanks to the efforts of generations, the Silesian University of Technology is one of the country's leading universities. Still, we rightly expect more.

Marek Pawełczyk, to be a candidate for the rector of the Silesian University of Technology.

Modern education and high-quality research are the cornerstones of the University. People, They are the greatest value of Our Silesian University of Technology. Everyone is important to me.

I have developed a programme that sets out the necessary objectives and proposed methods for achieving them. I am open to its continuous enrichment.

I know the realities of the University and, respecting our Community, I do not make empty promises. I do, however, pledge to reach for bold goals.

I have always kept my word, respected the good name of the Silesian University of Technology and cared for our Community.

The university cannot be governed individually. For the functions of Vice Rectors, I propose people who are competent, open to dialogue and empathetic.

Students and doctoral students will be at the centre of all activities addressed to them. I will give equal respect to staff in each group. Everyone deserves to be appreciated and supported.

The implemented reforms must not be at anyone's expense. We will create the conditions for young, talented and ambitious people to choose the Silesian University of Technology as the place to build their future.

We will continuously improve all organisational arrangements to improve work and learning and to foster broad participation of our Community. We will update the provisions of the Statutes, corresponding to current realities.

We will offer support to the units that are in difficulties and engage in a wide-ranging discussion on improving the situation. We will successively modernise and create a flexible research infrastructure.

Selected published materials.
I kindly ask for Your confidence