I am ready to lead Our Silesian University of Technology.

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For the future of Our Silesian University of Technology

years of experience in leading the science and development pillar


years of experience in managing didactics and organising education

My experience and achievements

During my career, I have gained a rich experience. Having held management positions since 2006 in institute, group and department, and in particular as Vice Rector for Science and Development for two terms, I have become familiar with our University, its problems and the way it functions. For 10 years, I was responsible for educational matters. I was highly engaged in creation and improving study programmes, lead teams for the accreditation of studies and the introduction of the National Qualifications Framework for three study programmes, worked in the commission for the educational quality assurance system, was responsible for doctoral studies in automatic control and robotics, developed the principles and introduced, first at my faculty and then at the University, the PBL method and innovative forms of education, such as the interactive learning method. 

Having led an international scientific society for more than a dozen years and organising large world congresses, I mastered the rules of diplomacy, understanding of differing views and the search for compromise. In addition, by holding a number of positions at the national level, participating in many councils, committees and teams, heading some of them, especially the state Committee on Scientific Policy, being an active member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and constantly being engaged in national and international cooperation and in the business environment, I became better acquainted with the system of science and higher education in Poland and abroad. This has not been to satisfy my own ambitions, but has allowed me to propose innovative solutions for our University in the areas of science, education and organisation. That is why I have successfully formed teams and applied for the largest university-wide projects, such as IDUB, EURECA-PRO, PO WER, which are of key importance for the University, also increasing financial satisfaction of our Community, implemented innovative measures. I have always kept my word, respected the good name of the Silesian University of Technology and cared for our Community.


years of experience in managing international organisations


positions at national and international level taken up as a result of the elections, enriching the experience

Thanks to the efforts of generations, the Silesian University of Technology is one of the country's leading universities. Still, we rightly expect more.

Together, let us join our efforts for Our Silesian University of Technology

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