Graduates and lifelong learning

Education does not begin and stop at university, but it continues throughout life. The University should act as a centre for the acquisition, improvement and confirmation of competences, from the early stages of education to professional life within and outside the University and senior age. We need to build awareness in society that by tying one's life to the Silesian University of Technology, by being a graduate of the University or by retiring after years of service, one will gain the opportunity to continuously expand the knowledge and improve the competences, as well as to make use of selected resources and to become involved in its life. These people so important to us will still be welcomed within our walls. 

I want us, following the example of American universities, to build ties between graduates and Silesian University of Technology, following the idea of Always with Our Silesian University of Technology. The diploma of our University will then gain additional value besides its reputation. Many of our graduates are leaders in social life, successful entrepreneurs and outstanding presidents. We should be even more proud of them. Certainly, the development of our common University is very close to their hearts, and I believe that it will be possible to work out with them mechanisms for their special involvement, support and patronage of our laboratories and undertakings.

I declare:

  • Active participation of the University in the popularisation of science and the education of children and young people
  • Exposing the perspective that the Silesian University of Technology is an effective bridge between secondary education and professional life
  • Strengthening ties with alumni
  • Close cooperation with the Alumni Association of the Silesian University of Technology
  • Enabling access by graduates to selected IT resources of the University, including teaching materials, to enable lifelong skills development 
  • Exposing outstanding graduates and promotional support by the University for their initiatives
  • Building the University's business relationship with alumni, involving them in the development of the University, through e.g., funded infrastructure elements, venture capital fund, business angel programme
  • Involving Alumni in promoting the University nationally and internationally
  • Establishing a programme to utilise the experience of retired staff in current teaching and research work. 

I kindly ask for Your confidence