Scientific research

Scope and achievement in research are the hallmarks of a modern university and this is what distinguishes it from universities focused on ad hoc business objectives. High-quality research, in turn, is the basis of modern education. At the Silesian University of Technology, this process has taken on a nationally leading scale in recent years. Annually, more than 200 PBL projects carried out by teams of several students, almost 150 PBL projects dedicated to secondary school pupils and around 150 projects implemented by student research clubs are a picture of the changes taking place in education linked to research activities.

We have taken the right direction, as evidenced by the change in the culture of conducting research and publishing in internationally respected journals. I am convinced that the effects of this will also be visible in the university rankings when our results fall within the time window they take into account. Ranking positions and the results of evaluation of scientific activity should be the result of our efforts, not an end in themselves. Scientific excellence cannot be judged solely by indicators, which can often be manipulated. What is important above all are research results and their use. Publications, both in journals and monographs, as well as conference papers, are a form of inclusion in the general scientific discourse, contribute to progress and enable us to face the problems of the modern world together. Support for interdisciplinary research is provided by our priority research areas. They integrate teams representing different units in the University and encourage involvement, and stimulate those who are less active for various reasons. We are attempting more and more courageously in prestigious competitions for research projects. We have defined pro-quality programmes in such a way that they stimulate research and development in the first place, and result in achievements that are valued in the assessment of our performance, which directly translates into our finances and entitlements. However, in addition to the numerous current pro-quality programmes, there is a need for continuous improvement in any organisational arrangements that foster increased participation and high-quality research.

I declare:

  • Creating conditions that is unique at least nationally for research, including modernisation and expansion of research infrastructure, encouraging the inclusion of the Silesian University of Technology as a valuable partner in consortia
  • Enhancing the ability to win research projects, national and international ones, especially within the Horizon programme, including through extensive support of established leaders, identification and preparation of new teams, mentoring activities with experienced project managers, building partnerships
  • Promoting interdisciplinary research; consolidating the University's potential and cooperation in priority research areas
  • Strengthening relations with the socio-economic environment, promoting our ideas and coming up with initiatives to increase our participation in scientific and research work
  • Preparing a catalogue of research offers, services and teams addressed to local authorities and partner universities and research units in the region and beyond, in response to the most important current and future challenges
  • Improving the conditions for tackling major scientific problems and supporting scientific risk activities
  • Developing the concepts of co-creation and co-design, following the principle "let's not just combine potentials, let's create something together"
  • Creating a flexible research structure in the University, increasing efficiency in the use of resources
  • Supporting the formation of research teams both within departments, but also between Departments and Faculties
  • Developing and professionalising the support system for ongoing research
  • Developing a funding model for research teams to meet long-term goals
  • Implementation of a research data repository and management model
  • Defining and sanctioning the role of the deputy project manager
  • Taking actions to establish real and lasting strategic partnerships, with clear objectives and timetables
  • Leveraging the opportunities provided by the IDUB programme to continuously improve the quality of research and empower our University
  • Developing an innovation ecosystem in cooperation with universities in the region, other research providers, local authorities, industry and business
  • Improving services for innovators in the field of intellectual property protection and technology transfer
  • Boosting indirect commercialisation at the University by actively seeking out and attractively supporting innovators.

I kindly ask for Your confidence