European University EURECA-PRO

EURECA-PRO is a programme of nine universities from eight countries consistently striving to create a common European university. Our consortium was built on the values that bind us together and the role that the individual universities play in their regions. These regions were the main production facilities in their countries. In years gone by, this was mostly heavy industry, whose presence nevertheless had a negative impact on the environment. Today, these are regions investing in new technologies, but not forgetting tradition and making use of their established work ethos. I think that this is why they are more sensitive than others to the issue of responsible management - consumption and production, i.e. the use of raw materials and energy, manufacturing processes, diversification of resources and the social consequences. This theme runs through the formulation of our common research objectives, and is present in the proposed programmes of specialisations and majors, as well as in the approach to management.

Our aim is to creatively create a space for collaboration, building the structure of the university thus established, judiciously managing the available resources, the best that each member university has, not multiplying entities beyond the current need and thus not generating unnecessary costs. This is an endeavour too important for us to risk partners splitting up or even loosening ties once the next financial perspective is over. Just as for our University, EURECA-PRO is a strategic programme for our Partners. It provides a solid foundation on which we are able to overcome any difficulties. We are all very determined together. We completed the first phase of the programme in October 2023 and the European Commission, after a reassessment, has entrusted us with the implementation of the next four-year phase, which will cover a significant part of the University Community with its momentum.

Our consortium is made up of universities with different profiles; there are large and smaller universities among them. However, each of them brings enormous value and is an element of the work, without which its form would be incomplete. This also ensures diversity, which is extremely motivating and requires the individual Partners to be constantly active in order to respond and join in other Partner's initiatives. As a result, we have been able to create organisational and research teams that write further proposals and implement projects to support our University. Some of our Partners have been hugely successful in obtaining projects in Horizon programmes, including the ERC projects, and we very much look forward to benefiting from their experience. In spite of many formal hurdles due to current regulations, further barriers are being overcome and new study programmes and specialisations are being created. EURECA-PRO, is a unique opportunity for the Community of our University and a number of possibilities. We will certainly take advantage of them.

The Silesian University of Technology in the EURECA-PRO alliance is responsible for the governance package, i.e. the management part of the European university. It is up to us to propose developmental, organisational and legal solutions that form the foundations of the university's functioning. Our Partners have entrusted us with this role for the next four years, recognising that we have an idea of how to build a strong university, that we are able to search effectively and efficiently for compromises that are good for the consortium, and that we have proven ourselves as a mediator. I am confident that, with the support of our Community, we will perform this role well.

I kindly ask for Your confidence