Investments and infrastructure for work, research, education, recreation and leisure

Many investments have taken place at our University in the past years. Our campuses have been continuously transformed. They are taking the form of attractive spaces where our Community enjoys living and our visitors feel comfortable. Modern laboratories have been built. We have started up highly specialised education. We have taken advantage of various funding opportunities.

However, the Silesian University of Technology still requires investment to ensure that our infrastructure meets and even exceeds the current standards of leading universities. This is an ongoing and necessary process. Modernisation and revitalisation are our responsibility.

Urgent investment is needed above all in the student laboratories, although thanks to the renegotiation of the contract for the PO WER programme, many such laboratories have been significantly refreshed and supplemented with modern equipment in the past year. In the research laboratories, we need to successively modernise, supplement or replace ageing apparatus. New research directions developing at the University require infrastructure and space to operate.

We will approach infrastructure investments rationally. We cannot afford to under-utilise or abandon functioning apparatus. We should share it on a healthy basis in order to reduce costs and be able to continue to invest well. It is unacceptable that teams acquiring projects have no space for their development, while there are spaces in the University that are not used efficiently. We will ensure that we create facilities that are versatile, flexibly usable, technologically attractive, that are our common good and that enhance the quality of work for as many Members of our Community as possible. We will analyse the current and develop widely acceptable rules for the participation of University units in the costs of infrastructure maintenance. We will also take advantage of the excellent opportunities presented by the consolidation built around the European City of Science consortium, the EURECA-PRO European University and other national and international alliances. We will make our campuses more attractive with the participation of our innovators and engineers, in cooperation with cities and regional authorities.

I declare:

  • Continuing with the investments started and updating them to current needs, respecting the provisions of the financing agreements concluded or annexing them when justified
  • Prioritising repair, refurbishment and modernisation needs across the University and develop mechanisms to fund them
  • Analysing ongoing investments and developing a long-term and medium-term investment programme for the University in broad consultation, including representatives of Students and Doctoral Students, and seeking funding for its implementation
  • Seeking funding for the renovation of historic buildings at the University's disposal
  • Implementing a management system for the University's research and teaching infrastructure, including rules for its financing and maintenance
  • Pursuing a high standard of teaching infrastructure
  • Creating a system of flexible, modular research laboratories
  • Working out rules for the use of buildings, laboratories and apparatus, respecting the rights of their hosts
  • Mutual access to selected infrastructure within the European City of Science consortium, the EURECA-PRO European University and other formal alliances
  • Working out principles for generating revenue from renting and sharing infrastructure
  • Verification of the rationale and operating rules of the Shared Services Centre
  • Increasing the University's revenue through fundraising activities
  • Making the University's campuses more attractive and modern, introducing environmentally friendly solutions, with the participation of our innovators and engineers
  • Investing in sports, recreation and leisure facilities
  • Undertaking the construction of new facilities preferred by our Community
  • Enhancing the attractiveness of student infrastructure, support for the initiative to operate student clubs in our campuses
  • Use of the Library premises for networking and integration activities  
  • Ensuring that foreigners are served in English
  • Taking actions in cooperation with city authorities and companies to support the University in the provision of accommodation, in view of increasing internationalization. 

I kindly ask for Your confidence