International cooperation and internationalisation

Communicating our activities, achievements, important events and our teaching, research and technological offer are all indispensable elements of building the University's visibility, establishing national and international cooperation, supporting the individual careers of members of our Community and attracting both talented students and staff. There is already a lot going on at the Silesian University of Technology in this respect; we publish, among other things, an attractive Bulletin, interesting podcasts, a newsletter, we run our own television, we have excellent science popularisers, and we take part in various events. A modern visual identity system has been introduced.

However, the Silesian University of Technology still needs to strengthen its brand and be even more present in the environment. We need to be better understood by the non-academic community, to reach out to the public, including those who do not enjoy the events organised within our walls, and to be perceived as an asset and a showpiece of the region, and our activities as essential to its development. New promotional initiatives are needed, utilising and expanding networking and integrating our Community. We will support researchers securing major international congresses, as well as inviting prominent personalities to the University. We will relocate and update the University's promotion policy, make use of the experience and support of various people, and support the promotion of faculties and research groups.

I declare:

  • Performing an analysis of the University's existing methods of communication and promotion, continuously improving them and implementing new proposals
  • Reinforcing the message about our state-of-the-art teaching and research offerings
  • Using LinkedIn and ResearchGate to shape the University's image
  • Promoting on the University's website each publication from at least TOP1 and each project acquired, by publishing a short accessible information, the so-called Graphical abstract
  • Presenting a pathway from primary education through secondary education, university to professional work
  • Supporting activities and individuals that promote science
  • Exploiting the ideas of our Community Members to promote the University
  • Supporting students and doctoral students in integration measures and reporting on their activities, e.g. a page in the Bulletin, Student Radio
  • Supporting the Student Council for the publication of a handbook for first-year students
  • Enriching the Silesian University of Technology shop offer in cooperation with students; establishment of relationships with manufacturers of well-associated products 
  • Taking up activities integrating our Community around the Silesian University of Technology brand
  • Cooperation with city authorities on joint activities, promotion of the University in attractive urban areas, as well as mutual information on cultural and sporting events, open lectures, etc. 
  • Introducing effective methods of international promotion to build our image in the world of science
  • Organising cyclical events accessible to people from outside the University, such as: concerts of our Academic Choir, Academic Music Group, Dąbrowiacy Academic Dance Group, the Silesian University of Technology Orchestra
  • Developing Staff Club activities, coffee meetings, casual debates
  • Presenting the extra-professional passions of our Community members
  • Communication in a transparent way about the University's funding arrangements, staff incentives, funding for initiatives
  • Supporting reputable journals published at the University
  • Organising major scientific events and inviting prominent individuals
  • Professionalising the organisation of events at the University.

I kindly ask for Your confidence