Socio-economic environment and social responsibility of science

The Silesian University of Technology operates in the Silesian Voivodeship, a region known and respected for its work ethic and which has played a special role in the development of our country for many years. It used to be heavy industry, and now modern technologies, the knowledge-based economy and medicine are its calling card. We continue to play an active part in these developments, being a major source of socially sensitive engineering staff for growing companies. We support medicine with technological advances. We are also involved in the energy transition and in climate and environmental protection measures. We help transform our cities by developing urban and logistical solutions, among other things. Direct proximity to such excellent partners as the Katowice Special Economic Zone, Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice, Regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Gliwice and modern companies opens up almost unlimited possibilities and gives vent to the aspirations of our scientists and innovators, but also creates expectations.

We will consistently build in society and the economic environment a sense of value from the operation of a technical public university in Silesia. We will make every effort to ensure that the people of the region look up to the Silesian University of Technology with pride, whether or not their relatives or friends work or study there. We want our University to be involved in the most important debates about the future of the region and about the development of new technologies and social change. We will make even better use of priority research areas and offer local authorities the participation of our experts to solve their fundamental problems, e.g., urbanisation, transport, investment, while entrepreneurs will benefit from our unique competence, reliability and flexibility. We will provide qualified staff from among our graduates with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and at the same time with rich horizons.

Our task is also to participate in the education of children and young people. We run two renowned academic high schools that are at the forefront of Silesian schools, and we pride ourselves on the fact that a significant proportion of their graduates go on to study at the Silesian University of Technology. We will be expanding this activity.

The Silesian University of Technology should consistently build its position as a friendly and open space to promote the idea of citizen science. This will enrich our knowledge and innovation ecosystem and strengthen our position.

We will implement a programme of collaboration with NGOs, cultural institutions and local governments. We will not compete with cities and companies, but instead, as researchers, we will support them in solving current problems and create bold technological and educational concepts. We will continue and expand our commitment to our mission of social responsibility, offering the region new opportunities.

I declare:

  • Developing a plan for cooperation with the socio-economic environment
  • Consultation of the teaching offer
  • Improving the conditions for expanding research collaboration with social and economic partners and implementing our results
  • Establishing a team to actively seek partners and new sources of funding for the University's activities and to implement solutions developed by our creators, e.g., with sponsors, donors, investors 
  • Seeking partners in areas where we are under-active and have the potential to play a more serious role
  • Inviting representatives of local authorities of the cities in which we operate to permanent cooperation and regular meetings with the authorities of the University
  • Supporting and developing our post-primary education activities
  • Encouraging Faculties to patronise and extensively supervise individual classes in selected secondary schools
  • Supporting career advisors in schools
  • Supporting the creation of a commercial training offer that is attractive to recipients and our staff
  • Supporting the initiative of organising courses, training, postgraduate studies, lectures, workshops, seminars, debates, presentations and knowledge transfer meetings
  • Improving and formalising the policy for sustainable development and social activity of the Silesian University of Technology
  • Supporting activities for the development of citizen science.

I kindly ask for Your confidence