The university should provide employees with stability, freedom to develop their own passions, reduce unnecessary bureaucratic burdens, and offer mechanisms for upgrading qualifications and a transparent promotion system. Academic staff should be able to create their own development path, and administrative and technical staff should have clarity in their requirements and promotion routes. When talking about the good attributes of an employee, one should not forget about the good attributes of the employer - the University and its authorities.

The future of the University is built by the staff, especially the young people, whom we badly need today. The current system of financing higher education and science in Poland makes it impossible to guarantee decent remuneration for the University's staff, corresponding to their competence and commitment. Recent salary increases, although leaps and very appreciated, still diverge from the salary increases that have taken place in the economy over the years, thus still failing to sufficiently raise the status of University employees in the eyes of society and failing to encourage young people to take up employment at the University. This results in a worrying employment structure at the University. Additionally, the employees are subjected to constant pressure as a consequence of the University's various assessments and evaluations. This causes anxiety and stress.

By striving by all means to understand the importance of the University in the life of the country and to improve the situation of employees, we will guarantee what the University can offer of its own value, which are: belonging to the elite of the society, the opportunity to pursue one's research passions and create one's own career, working in a unique and challenging environment, contact with outstanding scientists from the country and abroad, educating young open-minded and inspiring people, the opportunity to become a team leader, access to unique apparatus, presence in national and international networks, internships and participation in conferences and debates, flexible teaching load, appreciation, participation in achieving important goals, a sense of pride of the University and respect during work and after retirement, as well as ample social support. We will do our utmost to eliminate unjustified disparities in the remuneration of employees at the University that are not a direct consequence of their competence, experience, responsibilities or commitment. Particular attention will be paid to the problem of generational replacement and to employing the most talented post-doctoral fellows on attractive terms, bearing in mind that it is in the interests of the University to exploit the potential of all staff regardless of age. The Silesian University of Technology is a university guided by the highest values, open to all who wish to develop within It. Therefore, I declare to protect It against any form of discrimination, inequality, mobbing and violation of ethical principles.

I declare:

  • Continuing and improving activities that enable high quality research and its dissemination
  • Out-of-the-box leadership support
  • Ensuring transparent and fair hiring, promotion, remuneration and incentive rules - recognising both exceptional competence and activity as well as the conscientious performance of one's duties
  • Motivating the most talented students and doctoral students, with high academic potential, to commit to the University and strengthen the staff with young individuals
  • Offering an attractive programme for those employed immediately after their doctorate
  • Recruiting new people, from the country and abroad, who enrich our achievement but also bring enthusiasm and inspiration to those already employed
  • Introducing a pro-quality programme for existing staff, similar to the IDUB's programme for hiring outstanding researchers
  • Developing terms and conditions of employment for staff in research positions
  • Introducing a procedure for recruiting particularly valuable staff following the completion of research projects for which external funding has been exhausted
  • Introducing the possibility of employing or promoting academic staff during the semester, especially important for those being employed straight after their doctorate
  • Supporting staff to gain research experience in prestigious centres
  • Expanding opportunities to make the teaching load more flexible
  • Increasing the prestige of a teaching career and introducing a broad and transparent system of crediting activities towards the teaching workload, as well as a system of incentive-based remuneration for the staff in teaching posts
  • Streamlining the procedure for changing staff groups from research and teaching to teaching and vice versa
  • Introducing a programme to improve the safety comfort of staff choosing to temporarily move to the teaching group
  • Increased pursuit of employment opportunities as a teaching professor
  • Working out widely accepted rules to allow teaching loads to be increased, including more than the current limitation, without adversely affecting the fulfilment of the duties under the terms and conditions of employment
  • Establishing a Centre for Modern Education, which will offer opportunities for excellence in didactics and quality assurance in education
  • Introducing a clear incentive system for outstanding non-academic staff
  • Supporting the improvement of the professional competence of the administration and optimising decision-making processes
  • Counteracting staff demotivation by identifying difficulties and needs, providing specialist and collegiate support and adjusting responsibilities
  • Creating conditions for the support of young staff by experienced staff, both in research and teaching
  • Conducting a sensible policy towards staff of retirement age
  • Proposing a programme to involve retired staff in the life of the University
  • Supporting people of high potential, but for various reasons less active
  • Motivating employees to perform in prestigious organisations
  • Introducing a peer support system to harness the capacity of people to prepare design and patent applications, to support those who are unsuccessful in this area
  • Providing psychological and legal support to people in need
  • Improving access to healtcare, rehabilitation and periodic examinations
  • Introducing a range of activities for employees and their families
  • Introducing a programme to support employees returning after parental leave and extended medical leave
  • Support for those in difficult life situations
  • Ensuring that retired employees are able to use the University's IT resources to continue their activities
  • Inspiring informal meetings, events and celebrations that integrate our Community
  • Expanding the activities of the Silesian University of Technology Employees Club.

I kindly ask for Your confidence