Governance of the University

In response to the introduction of the Law on Higher Education and Science, and the resulting opportunities and limitations, the Silesian University of Technology adapted its organisation and a number of internal regulations. Discipline Councils have been established, the division of some duties and responsibilities has changed, units such as the Doctoral School running the Joint Doctoral School, the College of Studies, the Study Services Centre, the Study Service Offices, the Shared Service Centres, and new research centres have been created. A number of educational developments have been carried out. In connection with the implementation of the Excellence Initiative - Research University programme, Priority Research Areas have been defined and a number of pro-quality programmes reaching into most spheres of the University's operation have been launched. However, this does not mean that our University does not have weaknesses that need to be addressed.

I am a strong advocate of evolutionary changes, well thought out and widely discussed, if necessary also far-reaching, so that the efficiency of the University's operation is increased, its prestige, brand and recognition grow, and all groups of our Community are satisfied and content. I will not lack courage and determination in this. I will consistently uphold the governance of the University in a modern, open and transparent manner, taking into account diverse opinions.

I realise that some solutions require a fresh look. Richer by the experience we have gained, based on a discussion on the future of the University with our entire Community, we will update existing solutions and propose new ones. We will always be open to good ideas and appreciate engagement. I will effectively delegate duties to improve the governance of the University and to simplify and accelerate administrative procedures. We will build a sense of togetherness in the University with common goals, activities and events. We will draw on the support of people to whom our University is close, of whom we are proud, and who hold important positions in government, local government, the world of science or business, whether our staff, alumni or supporters, at home or abroad. We will make use of the best practices of the universities to which we would like to aspire. We will provide the conditions for the continuation of the IDUB and European University programmes.

I declare:

  • Effective delegation of responsibilities within the University and increase of the powers of Deans to streamline and accelerate decision-making and bring it closer to the members of our Community
  • Optimising administrative processes, elimination of unnecessary formalities, shortening workflows, without exposing the University to additional risks 
  • Expediting the decision-making and notification processes of the University authorities
  • Informing units of the actions required of them more in advance
  • Periodic working meetings of pro-rectors and pro-deans, relevant collegiate bodies, consulting on the range of regulations, organisational measures, timetables, etc. that are being introduced
  • Updating the provisions of the Statute, revised by the experience of recent years, corresponding to current realities
  • Preparing the development strategy of the Silesian University of Technology for the extended period
  • Creating the environment for achieving satisfactory categories of scientific disciplines and for the continuation of IDUB and European University programmes
  • Drawing on the experience of other universities through study visits, both of academic and administrative staff
  • Organisational support for Discipline Councils and improvement of the model of cooperation with Faculties
  • Reviewing the achievements of the Faculties and in the scientific disciplines, conducting a discussion with their authorities and researchers on measures to improve their condition, for the sake of the staff
  • Improving communication between the various units of the University to facilitate the comprehensive handling of reported cases
  • To units facing problems - offering support and engaging in a wide-ranging discussion on recovery within them 
  • Development, enrichment, modernisation and expansion of the offer at all campuses of our University 
  • Improving the management control system and the making controlling activities of more service-oriented nature for the units
  • Developing an updated system for the distribution of subsidies, based on rational and well-defined objectives, which is transparent and facilitating the Faculties to create their development policy
  • Introducing clear rules for the participation of units in the reporting of output and the allocation of indirect costs for multi-unit research projects and contracted work
  • Analysing and improving staff remuneration and reward policies
  • Deepening the process of computerisation of the University, including, inter alia, the introduction of an electronic periodic evaluation form and an electronic application procedure for pro-quality programmes, consistent development of the Smart University concept
  • Updating the offer of quality programmes and inclusion of teaching and administrative achievements
  • Establishing a team to develop actions to increase ranking positions and implement beneficial proposals for our Community
  • Improving the basic medical services provided to our Community at the outpatient clinics, including the conduct of periodic examinations
  • Considering and supporting various postulates and forms of activity of the Members of our Community, fostering the growth of scientific, teaching or organisational excellence and the prestige, recognition, position and promotion of our Silesian University of Technology
  • Undertaking activities that integrate our Community and individual units of the University, focusing on mutual cooperation and support 
  • Continuously improving the management of the University.

I kindly ask for Your confidence